prodhimiWiney “ARBËRI” is built with a production capacity of 3000 HL. Its production capacity has been increasing. In 2004 with a capacity of 1000 HL, in 2005 production reached in 1500 HL, while in 2009 it produced 2500 HL. Of these 60% Kallmet, Esplanade 30% and 10% of white varieties. Albanian indigenous varieties production is over 90% of wine production Arber.

Wine production technology is based on several years of experience and laboratory with VINEA Group based in Ancona, and Enologists with over 30 years experience in this field.

For this tradition be maintained and further extended, winery “ARBËRI” is specializing its staff with  young enologists as z.Rigers Kaçorri who graduated from the University of Bologna, is specialized in the University of Florence is to enology and Wine managment, also received a number of experiences in France and in Spain.

Winery”ARBËRI” has contemporary standards. It meets the European parameters and is certified by the Italian company “ICDQ” with 035/15 UNI-EN-IS0 9001-2008 and Cert.No.. 026/15 UNI 10854/15

This winery is part of GSI 30.03.2007 Albania since being fitted with bar code. On 10.09.2007 according to the Albanian legislation has been done to protect the brand “ARBËRI” by the Patent and Trademark near the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy.

Goals for the future:

– The expansion of the area of ​​vineyards owned Brewery “ARBËRI” 60 ha by 2020
–  Increasing production capacity of the processing and opening of new jobs for the area
– Maintaining the tradition of producing wines and brandy indigenous traditional local grapes
– Update on new modern technologies of production and processing of wine and continuing specialization of its technical staff
–  Continuous improvement of the sector marketing and consumer information