About us

rreth-neshEUROGERS Sh.p.k was established with Decision no. 8176 Tirana Court dated 01.17.1995 and no. J69102005R Nipt, and is practicing its activity with headquarters in Mirdita and representation branches in centers (regions) main Albania.

The range of economic activity has been increasing, starting in the early years of commercial activity within the country, and then expanding in import-export activities, construction, maintenance, environment and tourism.

Starting from the early tradition of Mirdita region, cultivation of vineyards and wine production, and with the good will to revive this tradition, the Administrator of the Company, Mr. Fran Kaçorri, decided to invest in the establishment of a winery that would be representative of this tradition in the area of original products. (Presenting a Brand, who will represent the area’s indigenous products in the winery)

Thus, in 2003 was made possible an investment of  500 000$ for the construction of this winery. Machinery and equipment were taken from two prestigious Italian company, and MORRI CAVALZANI (Florence – Italy)


Represented by the same name for historical reasons the word “Arbëri” bears in this area. According to the researchers, Emblem of Arber and inscription contemporaneous shed light on the Principality of Arber years 1190-1216, as one of the most prominent Principality period, which embodies the features of the first medieval Albanian State.

Emblem of the Principality of Arber, presents a one-proud eagle carved in stone that he has been the emblem of the Principality.

Emblem of Arber is a testimony of the historical region of Mirdita, was found precisely in the land of the Cathedral of the renowned St. Mary in Ndërfanen Early (Gëziq today) along with an epigraphic inscription in Latin, which mentioned the names of princes Arber Progon and Demetrius, of the XIII century XII.

Eagle Emblem Arber today used the stylized emblem Winery “ARBËRI” in Mirdita.